Autumn Haag

Personal Injury Paralegal

Autumn is our super athletic personal injury paralegal! She works on active cases for attorneys Brian Glass and Melissa Ryan, helps create our monthly small business newsletter, and manages our Lynchburg location. Autumn is exceptional at organizing records, scheduling meetings, communicating with our clients and insurance adjusters, and just making sure things are running smoothly in Brian and Melissas cases.  

Autumn has been part of the team since 2021. In Spring 2023, she received an M.S. in Criminal Justice from George Mason University. Excitingly, she has a husband and a wedding planned for August 2024!   

Though she did it in college, Autumn continues to Pole Vault as a personal hobby. I still pole vault, just not in college anymore. The reason I am still doing it is because I want the kids that I coach to see that you dont have to be the best at something to continue doing what you love, and to never hang up your hat just because society tells you to. A lot of people think that if you arent professional level after college, or college level after high school, that you shouldnt continue, but thats not true. If you love doing something you should continue doing it.  

From the mind of Autumn Haag:  

Favorite thing about your role: Being a storyteller. I am blessed to be able to take what has happened to our clients and tell their stories to the insurance companies that wont listen to them. Each and every person has a different story (related to their injuries or not) and I have loved meeting some truly wonderful people.  

Favorite thing about working at BGL:  The people I get to meet. I also love the culture at BGL. Everyone is so inviting and supportive of each other, it’s amazing.

A highlight of your career at BGL: I worked on a devastating DUI crash as soon as I joined the team. Because this was very early on in my career, going to trial was intimidating. The BGL team gave me the confidence I needed during that time and I learned so much. 

First meal after getting rescued from an island: Cheezits. I dont even care that it isnt a meal. Cheezits are my go-to. 

Favorite movie or tv show: Anything on the Investigation Discovery channel I love me some true crime! 

If you could completely get rid of one month out of the year, which month would it be and why? March because it cant seem to make up its mind about what season it wants to be. Do you want it to be winter and cold, or spring and sunny? Make up your mind! 

Whats something most people like but you dont understand? Tomatoes. I hate them. 

Recent Settlements

Below you will find a selection of case results we have achieved for personal injury and disability clients of BenGlassLaw.

$1 Million

Personal Injury

Family practice physician failed to use modern techniques to investigate rectal bleeding. $1,000,000 Fairfax County Verdict


Personal Injury

Former Alexandria School Bus Attendant Ordered to Pay $35,000 To Special Needs Child She Assaulted on Bus


Personal Injury

Our 42 year old client was on a delivery to a factory in the western part of the state when a 500 pound garage door broke and fell on him, hitting him on the shoulder.