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Free book reveals the truth about your long-term disability insurance claim…

If you plan to file a claim for disability insurance benefits, you need to download this free book right now. Employer-provided disability insurance typically falls under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (also known as ERISA). ERISA disability insurance companies are notorious for denying claims hoping the claimant won’t hire an attorney to help with their denial. Claimants who try to appeal their claim find themselves against a wall, trying to prove that they are disabled while the insurance company waits for them to “give up” and accept the claim denial.

Don’t wait for the insurance company to deny your claim! Download a FREE copy of Robbery Without a Gun – Why Your Employer’s Long Term Disability Policy May Be A Sham.

Inside Robbery Without a Gun, you will find:

  • Seven clauses you hope that YOUR policy doesn’t contain (page 5)
  • How to know if you are likely to be secretly followed and videotaped (page 21)
  • What ONE word often used by treating physicians can be the “kiss of death” to your claim (page 22)
  • Why if your disability is based on a mental illness you will be screwed (page 28)
  • How the definition of disability your employer chose can make or break your claim (page 32)
  • Why you need to have all of your treating physician records in your possession BEFORE you start your claim (page 47)
  • Why relying on the Human Resources department of your company can often lead to disastrous results for your claim (page 56)
  • Why you should never use the lawyers the disability insurance company recommends for your Social Security claim (page 62)
  • What qualifications you should be looking for in a lawyer if your claim is denied (page 64)

All this information is explained in a way that is simple and easy to understand.

In order to download your most valuable source of information on long-term disability insurance claims in Virginia, all you need to do is enter your first name and email below. You will receive an email with the book shortly after entering your information.

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