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Was your disability insurance claim denied? Is the insurance company arguing that you and your treating doctors aren’t being truthful or honest? It isn’t right, and it isn’t fair. Let BenGlassLaw review your denial letter for free, and help you fight for the LTD benefits you paid for.

Don’t let a skeptical insurance company deny the benefits you deserve.

You worked hard for your career. You bought long-term disability insurance to protect what you’ve earned and protect your family. You paid your premiums on time. You hoped you’d never need it, but were glad you had it. Because now, you need the coverage you’ve been paying for all these years. 

There’s just one problem: The insurance company doesn’t believe you. They’re telling you that you can still work, or that your condition doesn’t qualify. Or maybe they’re hassling you over every bill you send their way, arguing that your care isn’t necessary or your doctors don’t know what they’re doing. 

Big insurance companies should not be allowed to do this to anyone, let alone someone who can’t work. But you are in the right place. Our ERISA long-term disability team is here to guide you through the process. 

We are the top filer of long-term disability lawsuits in our area. In fact, no one else in the Mid-Atlantic matches our numbers. In both 2021 and 2022, we recovered over $3 million in wrongfully denied disability insurance benefits for our clients through insurance appeals and lawsuits. We currently manage over $33 million in future benefits for our clients.  

Why work with our long-term disability lawyers?

BenGlassLaw fights for disabled workers and their families across the nation. What makes us unique?


We handle more long-term disability claims than any other firm in the region. Lawyers throughout the Mid-Atlantic send their toughest cases to us.


Our work in disability law is recognized and respected across the nation. Disability attorneys come to us to learn our techniques and processes.

Ongoing Support

Once we get you back on claim, we’ll handle the insurance company going forward, for as long as you receive LTD benefits. Let us worry about getting medical bills approved.

Long-Term Disability Claims for Business Owners

Business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, and other high net worth individuals often struggle to get long-term disability claims approved, and mistakes can be extremely costly. Our attorneys can help.

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Long-Term Disability Claims for Doctors

Doctors, dentists, and other high-pay, high-stress medical professionals get valid long-term disability claims denied all the time. Turn to Virginia’s top long-term disability lawyers for help.

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Short-Term Disability Claims

Most disability attorneys won’t touch short-term disability claims—too hard and “too small.” Not BenGlassLaw. We know there’s nothing small about being denied benefits. We can help.

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Client testimonial

Ben was recommended to me by two different people that I trust. One of the people is a lawyer who works for insurance companies and so has experience doing cases against Ben in court. This lawyer said that if he needed help, he would want Ben on his side. It meant a lot to me that a lawyer who works in the field would name Ben as his first pick for an advocate. My experience with Ben has been outstanding. He is easy to talk to, very understanding, listens well and is obviously an expert in the field. If you need a disability attorney, Ben is your man.

Avery E.

I suffered a traumatic brain injury, completely rendering me helpless and disabled. … Ben Glass Law was unbelievably diligent and meticulous about collecting every last detail and medical record so they could build the strongest and most aggressive case possible. Their patience, compassion, and understanding made me feel like I wasn’t alone, and like I had the help of a team that really cared about me. They ultimately gave me hope. We won the appeal! I can support my family now, I can pay my bills, I can sleep. They saved me. Thank you, Ben, and thank you especially to the kind and wonderful staff!

Nick K.

I contacted Ben Glass law firm when my LTD benefits were scheduled to end. My letter was reviewed quickly at no charge. The information and feedback was clear, addressed each issue and was very detailed. I followed the instructions and my appeal was approved. My benefits have been reinstated. This is an Amazing firm that really cares that people are treated fairly and with respect even before they are hired. They have earned my respect and future business.
I must mention my original point of contact was Jennifer K. she represented the firm so well with her respect for the firm and love to help attitude.
Thank you

Linda Allen

We were recommended by a colleague to the Ben Glass law firm and they have been absolutely wonderful. Ben’s staff is incredibly responsive and Mary in particular responded to all our emails and questions in a timely manner. We met with Ben to help us understand two disability policies we have and he made something that could be very complicated very easy to understand and he provided us with follow-up notes of our meeting so that we could concentrate on the discussion rather than having to document the information he shared with us. I would recommend this team if you have an issue related to a disability or personal injury.

Lorna Magill

Lisa and Tammy were just who I needed to guide me through this process from start to finish after my auto accident. They couldn’t have been more helpful and were always super quick to respond to my calls or texts. I was uneasy about hiring a lawyer because of all of the cheesy commercials and radio ads, but it was 1000% the best decision I could have made. Highly recommend Ben Glass Law. I couldn’t have gotten the results I did navigating this process on my own.

Richard Mann

I highly recommend BenGlassLaw. I have worked with Tammy and Lisa, who have both been incredibly knowledgeable and professional. They took the time to explain the nuances and intricate legal processes in a way that my husband and I could understand. BenGlassLaw was flexible to our schedule, and drove the overall process minimizing our stress and time. Have recommended to friends and family, and would use again.

Lisa Pistritto

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Long-term disability case results

Since 1995, BenGlassLaw has been helping sick, injured, and disabled workers fight unfair claim denials, get the benefits they paid for, and get their lives back on track. Here are just a few of our big wins:

$3 Million

Long-Term Disability

High earning salesperson with “stiff person syndrome” awarded $10,000 a month in disability benefits

$1.4 Million

Long-Term Disability

After being injured in a car accident, a software engineer is awarded disability benefits on appeal after getting denied by the insurance company.

$1.3 Million

Long-Term Disability

Fairfax County Special Education Teacher Now Eligible to Collect Nearly $1.3 Million in Disability Benefits Following Successful Long Term Disability Appeal

$1.2 Million

Long-Term Disability

Sometimes the coolest companies to work for don’t always have the coolest benefit plans.

$1 Million

Long-Term Disability

We fought for our client against an insurance company that ignored facts and terminated benefits on a very minuscule review.


Long-Term Disability

A public school teacher was diagnosed with chronic lyme disease. Short term disability claim was denied when insurance company said she was misdiagnosed.

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s no substitute for speaking in person with an experienced disability attorney about your situation. But if you still aren’t quite sure about your options, feel free to review the FAQs below. You deserve real information and real answers about your legal case, and we love to provide free information to anyone who wants it.

Do I need a long-term disability attorney near me in Virginia?

There are certainly some advantages to hiring an experienced long-term disability lawyer near where you live, although it isn’t always easy to find one close by. BenGlassLaw is one of the few law firms that regularly handles ERISA long-term disability cases in Virginia; in fact, we file over 80% of all new long-term disability lawsuits filed in the state each year. 

However, the good news is that, due to ERISA regulations, you don’t actually have to live physically close to your attorney to hire them, or for them to represent you in court. It’s more important to find an experienced LTD attorney who is the best fit for you.  

BenGlassLaw has won benefits for people all across the United States. We offer a free review of your denial letter.  

Warning: There are law firms soliciting long-term disability insurance cases who will refuse to file a lawsuit for you if they are not successful on the internal appeal with the insurance company. These firms then dump clients, telling them, “Sorry, written appeals are all we do.” Do not hire a firm to do your disability appeal if it isn’t willing to file a lawsuit against the insurance company if necessary. 

When should I hire a lawyer after my disability claim was denied?

If the insurance company has denied your long-term disability claim, you have a limited timeline to appeal the decision. So, when should you hire an attorney? Hire the attorney now. 

If you are going to hire an attorney, hire them soon. The more time an attorney has to work with your case, the better prepared your claim will be. You know your story, but the attorney does not. He or she must work through your background and get all the facts, then write a legal appeal. That takes time, and every day, minute, and second counts. 

Will the insurance company put me under surveillance?

Yes, they will. That’s why it is important not to submit fraudulent disability claims. The insurance company WILL find out and you will be denied. 

What is the most likely month that my long-term disability claim will be terminated?

The most likely month that your benefits will be terminated is on the 21st month after payment started—or in other words, two years after you become disabled, considering most long-term disability plans have a 90-day waiting period before benefits begin. 

There’s a reason for this. 

Most long-term disability policies provide that you will be paid benefits for 24 months if you meet the definition of disability and you cannot perform your “own occupation.” After 24 months, the definition of disability changes to “any occupation,” meaning that you will only be paid if you cannot perform “any occupation” to which you are reasonably suited. This is a much harder standard to qualify for. 

Note, these definitions do vary based on your specific disability insurance policy. Fax or email us if you live in Virginia and we will look at your policy for free and give you our analysis. Call us for the special fax and email contact information. 

What if my doctor refuses to cooperate with me in applying for disability?

This is usually very bad for the claim. You might want to have a serious heart-to-heart discussion with your doctor about why he or she is refusing to cooperate with you. It may be that they think you aren’t really disabled. Or, it may be that they feel they aren’t being paid for their time filling out mounds of insurance company forms.   

You need to know where your doctor stands on the issue of disability before you apply for disability benefits.  It is the kiss of death for your claim to have your doctor telling the insurance company that you are not disabled. 

Why did my insurance company ask me to file for Social Security Disability?

Most disability insurance contracts require you to file for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) if the insurance company asks you to. If you qualify for SSDI benefits, your disability benefit from your long-term disability insurance policy could be reduced. 

Quite possibly, the insurance company will recommend a specific Social Security Disability attorney. 

No matter which attorney you choose for the Social Security claim, you will be reimbursed by the disability company, so they are all “free” in that respect. 

But here’s the real problem. While the representative recommended by your disability insurance company should prioritize your best interests, they often (or more like always, in our experience) work aggressively to make sure the insurance company gets its repayment of benefits. They’ll have you sign a form, typically authorizing them to put their hands right into your checking account to grab money if you get your SSDI benefits. In my opinion, that’s a major conflict of interest.  

Here’s another thing we’ve seen. Knowing that the long-term disability insurance company will pay minimal benefits if your disability is related to mental illness, the “free” attorney recommended by the disability insurance company will work to make your SSDI claim a “mental” claim. That’s good for your disability company and bad for you. 

It is, in my opinion, always better to hire a good, independent Social Security Disability attorney who is local to you and who will look out for your best interests only. 

Can my bank use my LTD payments to pay off a loan?

What may be happening is that a judgment has been rendered against you and the judgment creditor has garnished your account at the bank. Thus, any money going into the account is subject to the garnishment of the creditor.  

Yes, this is legal.  

You might consider directing your long-term disability insurance company to send you the check instead. You should then open a different bank account at a different bank to prevent garnishment. 

What do I do if I receive conflicted medical recommendations about major surgery?

Generally speaking, if you receive conflicting medical opinions about extensive surgery, you will not be penalized if you decide against a potentially risky procedure. 

In most cases, your long-term disability insurance company cannot force you to have extensive surgery. However, if a relatively simple and safe surgery has been recommended to you, and all your doctors agree it would allow you to resume working, the insurance company could deny your claim if you refuse the procedure. We have seen courts uphold denials under those circumstances. 

The termination letter says I missed a deadline. Is my case lost?

Not necessarily.  

Each case is different, and we have seen insurance companies terminate benefits when a particular form has not been filed on time. However, benefits can be reinstated once the form gets filed. Of course, this assumes that it has not been months and months since some form was due and you have totally neglected your duty to communicate with the insurance company.  

Again, each case is different. Ben Glass offers a free review of your termination letter in order to determine whether he can help or whether he can refer you to someone who can help. 

Does my insurance company share my records with my employer?

The health information you supply to your employer’s disability insurance company should not make its way back to your employer. This would be a violation of confidentiality laws. 

In our experience, most disability insurance companies are very good at making sure this private information does not go to the employer. 

Do I have to be “actively treated” to receive benefits? What does this mean?

Most disability insurance policies do require that you be under the ongoing care of a physician to maintain your benefits.  

However, the term “actively treated” has different meanings for different illnesses. At some point, the insurance company may require you to see an independent medical doctor who will determine whether the treatment you are receiving from your current doctor is appropriate.  

With some diseases/illnesses, periodic checkups at six-month intervals are appropriate, but each case is different. If you run into problems with your disability insurance company, you should seek the advice of an experienced disability insurance attorney. 

How do I get my long-term disability claim records?

If your policy is a group policy, then it is probably regulated by ERISA. If so, you are entitled to a complete copy of the claim file by writing to the company and asking for all relevant documents that make up your file. They have 30 days to give it to you. When you get it, make sure that it contains at least the following: 

  • your plan or policy 
  • any summary plan description 
  • any records you sent them 
  • any records your doctor sent them 
  • any records they received from authorizations you signed 
  • any internal notes they made while processing your claim 
  • reports from any doctors that they had look at your case. 

Remember, if you are going to appeal your case, you generally have 180 days from the date you received your denial letter to appeal. 

I’m applying for long-term disability benefits through my employer-provided insurance. Do I need a disability insurance attorney?

It’s best to involve a disability insurance lawyer as soon as you consider making a claim, even while you are still working.  

You take a big risk if you stop working only to find out you don’t have a provable disability. You could end up losing your job and benefits, such as life and health insurance. If you make mistakes filling out forms or giving recorded statements, it makes it that much more difficult for your attorney to help you obtain disability benefits. 

Except for rare exceptions, employer-sponsored long-term disability insurance is governed by a law known as ERISA. This law sets strict deadlines for appeals, requires administrative review of all appeals before you can sue, and if you do sue you won’t be able to add new evidence.  

There are many simple mistakes you can make along the way that could permanently impair your ability to receive benefits. An experienced lawyer will help you avoid them. 

Will the insurance company continue to check on my disability status?

Generally speaking, an insurance company has the right to get periodic updates from you regarding your condition. Our experience is that these updates tend to be more frequent in the beginning of your claim and then, if the insurance company is convinced that you have a serious injury or illness that will disable you for a long time, the reporting becomes less frequent. 

Every time they ask you to fill out a form, you should fill it out. If your forms are delayed going back to the insurance company, they may terminate, suspend, or delay your benefits. 

Must I do everything requested by my insurance company, such as taking tests or allowing home interviews?

Generally, you are required to cooperate with your insurance company. You must do home interviews and fill out whatever forms they send you. You may be required to “take tests”; however, this generally falls under the “Independent Medical Examination” clause of the policy, and not all policies require them. 

That said, if the insurance company is not satisfied that you have provided sufficient evidence to have the claim paid, they simply will not pay the claim. 

If you have a question about whether a requested test is appropriate under your policy, you should speak to an experienced disability insurance attorney in your area. 

I recently changed to a new specialist. Do I need to inform the LTD company?

There usually is no need for you to immediately inform your long-term disability insurance company that you have changed physicians. Generally, you can wait until a new set of forms needs to be filled out, then have your new doctor complete and return the forms.