Long-Term Disability Claims for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

You put your heart, soul, and money into building your business. Now, an illness or injury is threatening to take it all away. Don’t let a skeptical insurance company get out of paying you the benefits you deserve. BenGlassLaw can help.

Trouble getting your benefits? You need a partner who understands you and your business

Most disability insurance policies were written with hourly workers in mind. Consistent hours, consistent salary, consistent responsibilities. If you own your own business, that probably isn’t you.

And now that an illness or injury is preventing you from running your business—or even just forcing you to scale way back—you may have found that your disability insurance policy isn’t protecting you like you thought it would. Or worse, the insurance company doesn’t understand what you do, doesn’t believe your story, and won’t approve your claim.

Entrepreneurs, executive, and other high wage-earners with complex finances and ever-changing responsibilities not only need great disability coverage, but also a trusted partner who can help them understand what’s in their policy, make solid decisions, and avoid mistakes that could end up costing them thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) in future benefits.

You’ve worked too hard to build a business, and a great life for you and your loved ones, to let a stubborn insurance company destroy it all. Talk to BenGlassLaw today to see how we can help.

Why work with our long-term disability lawyers?

BenGlassLaw fights for disabled workers and their families across the nation. What makes us unique?


We handle more long-term disability claims than any other firm in the region. We understand that business owners have complex lives and finances and know how to get the most out of their disability benefits.


Our work in disability law is recognized and respected across the nation. Disability attorneys come to us to learn our techniques and processes.

Ongoing Support

Once we get you back on claim, we’ll handle the insurance company going forward, for as long as you receive LTD benefits. Let us worry about getting medical bills approved.

Client testimonial

Ben was recommended to me by two different people that I trust. One of the people is a lawyer who works for insurance companies and so has experience doing cases against Ben in court. This lawyer said that if he needed help, he would want Ben on his side. It meant a lot to me that a lawyer who works in the field would name Ben as his first pick for an advocate. My experience with Ben has been outstanding. He is easy to talk to, very understanding, listens well and is obviously an expert in the field. If you need a disability attorney, Ben is your man.

Avery E.

I suffered a traumatic brain injury, completely rendering me helpless and disabled. … Ben Glass Law was unbelievably diligent and meticulous about collecting every last detail and medical record so they could build the strongest and most aggressive case possible. Their patience, compassion, and understanding made me feel like I wasn’t alone, and like I had the help of a team that really cared about me. They ultimately gave me hope. We won the appeal! I can support my family now, I can pay my bills, I can sleep. They saved me. Thank you, Ben, and thank you especially to the kind and wonderful staff!

Nick K.

I contacted Ben Glass law firm when my LTD benefits were scheduled to end. My letter was reviewed quickly at no charge. The information and feedback was clear, addressed each issue and was very detailed. I followed the instructions and my appeal was approved. My benefits have been reinstated. This is an Amazing firm that really cares that people are treated fairly and with respect even before they are hired. They have earned my respect and future business.
I must mention my original point of contact was Jennifer K. she represented the firm so well with her respect for the firm and love to help attitude.
Thank you

Linda Allen

We were recommended by a colleague to the Ben Glass law firm and they have been absolutely wonderful. Ben’s staff is incredibly responsive and Mary in particular responded to all our emails and questions in a timely manner. We met with Ben to help us understand two disability policies we have and he made something that could be very complicated very easy to understand and he provided us with follow-up notes of our meeting so that we could concentrate on the discussion rather than having to document the information he shared with us. I would recommend this team if you have an issue related to a disability or personal injury.

Lorna Magill

Lisa and Tammy were just who I needed to guide me through this process from start to finish after my auto accident. They couldn’t have been more helpful and were always super quick to respond to my calls or texts. I was uneasy about hiring a lawyer because of all of the cheesy commercials and radio ads, but it was 1000% the best decision I could have made. Highly recommend Ben Glass Law. I couldn’t have gotten the results I did navigating this process on my own.

Richard Mann

I highly recommend BenGlassLaw. I have worked with Tammy and Lisa, who have both been incredibly knowledgeable and professional. They took the time to explain the nuances and intricate legal processes in a way that my husband and I could understand. BenGlassLaw was flexible to our schedule, and drove the overall process minimizing our stress and time. Have recommended to friends and family, and would use again.

Lisa Pistritto

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Long-term disability case results

Since 1995, BenGlassLaw has been helping sick, injured, and disabled business owners and entrepreneurs protect the lives they’ve built and get the disability benefits they paid for. Here are just a few of our big wins:

$3 Million

Long-Term Disability

High earning salesperson with “stiff person syndrome” awarded $10,000 a month in disability benefits

$1.4 Million

Long-Term Disability

After being injured in a car accident, a software engineer is awarded disability benefits on appeal after getting denied by the insurance company.

$1.3 Million

Long-Term Disability

Fairfax County Special Education Teacher Now Eligible to Collect Nearly $1.3 Million in Disability Benefits Following Successful Long Term Disability Appeal

$1.2 Million

Long-Term Disability

Sometimes the coolest companies to work for don’t always have the coolest benefit plans.

$1 Million

Long-Term Disability

We fought for our client against an insurance company that ignored facts and terminated benefits on a very minuscule review.


Long-Term Disability

A public school teacher was diagnosed with chronic lyme disease. Short term disability claim was denied when insurance company said she was misdiagnosed.

Long-term disability for business owners: frequently asked questions

Given that no two business owners have exactly the same needs, goals, or financial obligations, there’s no substitute for scheduling a consultation with an experienced disability lawyer. That said, we hope that these FAQs can address some common concerns and help you determine the next steps you need to take.

Do I need an attorney to handle my long-term disability case?

While you always have the option to handle your case on your own, it’s rarely a good idea. Long-term disability cases are almost always complicated, and that’s especially true for business owners and entrepreneurs. Preventable mistakes could cost you tens of thousands—or more. Why risk it?

If you need more convincing, here is a real-life cautionary tale from a past client:

A very successful business owner developed a progressive condition that forced him to sell his lucrative professional practice and make a disability claim. Before filing his claim, instead of consulting with a long-term disability attorney, he only spoke with his financial advisor.

The financial advisor told him he should join his wife’s business as a partner. But the advisor failed to even ask for, let alone read, the business owner’s long-term disability insurance policy. That policy attributed one-half of his wife’s business profits to the claimant, even though he did nothing in the business. Because his wife’s business was also highly successful, his long-term disability claim was properly denied because he could not demonstrate loss of income.

By not speaking with an experienced disability attorney before filing his claim, this business owner left a huge amount of money on the table—with no way to correct the mistake.

What should business owners look for in a long-term disability lawyer?

First, you should look for an attorney that has experience handling disability claims for business owners, entrepreneurs, highly paid professionals, and other individuals with high net worth and complex finances. These cases tend to be much more complicated (and high risk) than disability claims for hourly wage employees.

Next, after reading your claim denial, your attorney should be able to tell you, in clear language, exactly why your claim was denied and what your next steps will be. You are always entitled to at least one appeal.

Finally, you must be absolutely sure that your attorney is willing to file a lawsuit on your behalf, and represent you in court if necessary, if your appeal is denied. Do not hire an attorney who will only handle internal, administrative appeals.

Here’s why this matters. Insurance companies can, and do, make mistakes and deny valid appeals. But if you made a mistake, and didn’t provide the right information in your appeal, you will generally not be allowed to add new evidence to your claim even if you file a lawsuit. You will probably only have one chance to get this right, so you need a lawyer who will not only get it right the first time, but is prepared to take your case all the way to a judge and fight for you to the end.

Why choose BenGlassLaw?

Plenty of reasons:

  • We file more disability appeals and lawsuits than any other firm in the Mid-Atlantic. (Source: Pacer, the official government site for Federal Court lawsuits.)
  • We have extensive experience handling difficult claims for business owners, entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, and other successful individuals with complex finances.
  • We stay with you for the life of the claim, not just through the appeal process. We’ll continue to manage your benefits and deal with the insurance company so you don’t have to. We currently manage more than $33 million in future disability benefits for our clients.
  • We only get paid if we win. There’s no risk to you.
  • Ben Glass has taught attorneys all over the country about ERISA processes and education. He is a subject matter expert in the industry.
  • Our reviews speak for themselves.

What are some unique challenges business owners face when filing for long-term disability benefits?

There are several.

One obvious challenge is that business owners, entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, and similar high-net worth individuals have complex finances. They also may have income that varies widely from year to year.

You will have to provide a huge amount of documentation to prove your average annual income. Furthermore, depending on when you file (and how many months’ or years’ worth of previous income is used to calculate your average weekly income), your benefit may be much higher or lower than you expect or need.

Another challenge is that running a business successfully requires sharp cognitive and emotional skills. You need a great memory. You need great critical thinking skills. You have to be able to negotiate, lead, and motivate people.

Disabilities that affect these mental and cognitive skills can absolutely make it impossible for you to do your job, but those conditions are also harder to prove through objective testing. And the insurance company is probably only looking at physical limitations anyway, so they might well say that you are fully capable of doing your job—even when that’s obviously false.

Finally, business owners with good disability insurance benefits are very expensive for the insurance company. If they can find any reason to deny or cut your benefits, they’ll take it.

What if I can still work part time? Do I have a disability claim?

It depends on the specifics of your policy. In most cases, though, if your disability forces you to cut back on your work, and that reduction can be tied to a specific loss of income (usually greater than 20%), you can file for partial or residual disability benefits. This will pay you a portion of the difference between your pre-disability and post-disability income.

Here’s another real-life cautionary tale:

A business owner had a condition that required him to drastically reduce, but not eliminate, the time he could devote to the business. His friends told him that he made too much money to file a disability claim.

His friends were wrong. This owner should have filed a claim for partial or residual disability benefits.

Not only did he leave hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table—money his family desperately needed—but when it came time to claim total disability under his policy, his benefits were based on his vastly reduced income, not his top-earning years just before he developed his condition. He was forced to sell his house to make up for the reduced long-term disability payments.

Had he come to us as soon as he had a significant reduction in income, we could have helped him maximize his benefits and keep him and his family in their home.

What disability insurance coverage do I need as a business owner?

That depends on a whole lot of factors, including your income, how much you need to live your preferred lifestyle, whether you’re responsible for employees, and much more.

Absolutely, you should have a robust individual disability insurance plan that protects your personal income. You should make sure your maximum monthly benefit is high enough to sustain your current income standard, and that you’re reviewing your policy on a regular basis to make sure it meets your needs. For example, high net-worth individuals may consider purchasing policy riders that automatically increase benefits with cost of living, or allow policyholders to purchase more coverage at regular intervals without another medical review.

You might also consider coverage such as:

  • Business overhead insurance (BOE) to cover the costs of running your business while you are disabled. Benefits are paid to your company (not you personally) and can cover things like payroll, rent, and utilities.
  • Key person disability insurance, which pays your business a benefit if a covered employee is disabled. You might consider this if you have certain employees who would be extremely difficult to replace (niche skills, existing customer relationships, insider knowledge, etc.) and who are critical to the financial survival of your company.