Injured? Find Out What You Should Know Before Hiring An Injury Attorney

If you have recently been in a car accident in Virginia you’ve quickly discovered three things:

  1. Insurance adjusters want to rush you to a quick, low settlement
  2. Adjusters, doctors and lawyers have a flurry of forms for you to sign
  3. You may not need an attorney, but if you do, it’s hard to tell one from another by their advertising

In this free e-book, written by a nationally board-certified attorney specially for Virginia accident victims, you’ll learn:

  • 6 “Strategies” car insurance companies routinely use to delay or deny claims (page 1)
  • 6 Specific pieces of information you should request from any lawyer BEFORE hiring them for your case (page 3)
  • What you must actually prove to an insurance company BEFORE getting paid (page 5)
  • How some cases can be easily settled WITHOUT an attorney – saving you thousands (page 6)
  • Which attorney rating websites smart consumers use to see which Virginia lawyers the legal community respects (page 8)
  • What you can do if your own health insurance company demands repayment out of your settlement proceeds (page 11)
  • 11 Questions to ask the insurance adjuster when they ask YOU to “just sign a few forms” (page 12)
  • Why going to see a doctor recommended by your attorney may be the “Kiss of Death” to your case (page 15)
  • How your dealings with the IRS may drastically affect your settlement (page 17)
  • Where you can find the exact steps experienced attorneys use to evaluate and settle cases (page 26)
  • Why trying to switch attorneys “mid-stream” is usually a really bad idea (page14)
  • Find out which heavily advertised insurance company infiltrated a church Bible study to secretly spy on a claimant (page 18)
  • … and MUCH MORE!

All of this information is absolutely free if you have been in a car accident in Virginia in the last 18 months.

Since being in a car accident, you have likely been bombarded with advice from neighbors, friends, and family. We created this book to empower you with the best and most necessary information for handling your accident claim in a stress-free way.

How To Get Your Free Download:   

To access your most valuable source of advice for your accident claim, I just need your first name and email address. You will receive an email with your free download shortly after submitting your request.

Ordering this information does not create an attorney-client relationship. And don’t worry, the submission is confidential and we won’t sell or trade your information to any third parties.

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