Susie Callahan

Director of Happiness

Susie Callahan

Meet Susie, our Director of Happiness. If youve ever had a conversation with her, youve immediately understood why she has the title she truly radiates happiness! She is also Bens executive assistant and our referral relationship manager. 

Susie works closely with our marketing director to engage with referring attorneys and others who trust us to help their clients with their legal cases, as well as assisting Ben. Around the office, Susie does a little bit of everything bourbon slush maker, office function organizer, snack replenisher and awkward pause filler.  

She enjoys reading, baking, and getting together with friends. Susie has a wonderful husband, daughter, and son and her two furry children, a dog and a cat. 

From the mind of Susie Callahan: 

Favorite thing about your role: The opportunity to talk and connect with a wide range of people. 

Favorite thing about working at BGL: Working with a team of really nice people to help our clients. 

Interesting fact about yourself: I have a twin brother. 

Best vacation youve ever been on: Disney World with husband and kids. 

Favorite movie or tv show? Do I dare admit to enjoying Vanderpump Rules? 

What is your guilty pleasure? Reading cookbooks.